Monticello RV Park

P.O. Box 8

T or C NM 87901

(575) 894-6468


Park Rules

It is a pleasure to have you as a valued customer of Monticello RV Park.

Help us make your stay a pleasant one by following our rules.

1.       Use care in parking to avoid damaging your rig or hitting the water, sewer or electrical connections.


2.       Please do not park on the road. Additional parking is available north of the store.


3.       All monthly renters must be self-contained or a charge of $40.00 per month will be added to the rent to cover restroom/shower maintenance.


4.       Use a sewer adapter when hooking up to sewer to prevent leaks of fumes from escaping. This is a New Mexico State Law. Do not stuff your hose into the sewer connection as this may plug the line above your site. Discharge wastewater into sewer only not the ground. PLEASE! Do not put diapers or disposable towels in the sewer.

5.       Keep your campsite clean. Please put trash, including cigarette butts, in white trash barrels provided throughout the park. Please crush cartons before throwing in the trash.

6.       NO gills. No skins, no bones, no fins! Absolutely! No fish guts in the trash barrels.

7.       Be considerate of other camper’s campsites. Don’t walk through occupied site without camper’s permission.

8.       Fire pits are allowed but must be contained and left clean. Do not leave fire unattended. Burn only wood in pits and be considerate of you neighbors. Fire rings are available at the store.

9.       Children are welcome, but please remember that you are responsible for their safety and actions.

10.    Your pets are welcome here. Please keep them on a leash and Clean up after them. Pets may not be left unattended outside or for long periods anywhere.

11.    Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH. Please observe to protect residents and guests.

12.    Quiet time is from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Please respect this time ( except for Independence Day and New Year’s eve)

13.    The cost per site includes two adults and children age 15 and younger. All additional overnight people 16 years and older will be charged $2.00 per person per night.

14.    All visitors and guests must check in at the office, this includes folks using someone else’s site, to make sure managers know who you are and whose site you are using. Over two persons age 16 or older will be charged  $2.00 per night.

15.    We keep the bathrooms  clean and sanitary for your convenience and protection. Please be considerate and see that they are left that way when you leave them. Please do not smoke in the bathrooms.

16.    Showers for non-residents and daily visitors of residents of the RV park: $ 4.00 per person. Showers will be locked at 8:00pm daily. Get key from store or park managers. $ 5.00 deposit for key (deposit will be refunded when key is returned.

17.     Laundry facilities are available in the laundry room the cost is $1.00 wash and $.75 dry per load. Pick up the key from the store and return to the store when finished. Please help keep the laundry room clean.

·         Use only Non-chlorine bleach and Non-phosphate detergents in the washer

18.    Checkout time for overnighters is 12:00 noon.


The Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses of any kind

Thank you for staying at Monticello RV Park. Please come again.


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